7 ‘Short’ Netflix Shows To Watch Right Now

Sometimes you’re in the mood for *insert your own show prerequisites, okay great thanks for that, let’s move on*. Whatever you may have told yourself I got you covered.

One of my many talents apart from writing, is rummaging through Netflix to find a good show to watch allowing it to devour me, teleporting me to another time.

And we all know the struggle for finding a good show.

So here is a list of a few of my favorite show’s that inspired me & I have shortlisted these shows based on

Personal Choice

I got a wide array of mood, ranging from comedies of all kinds be it rebellious romance, crime or historical. I assure you, you’ll never be bored with my lists.

Amount of Seasons

Usually one, maybe two seasons or a limited series.


1. Kim’s Convenience Store

Language : English

Get ready to be introduced to Mr and Mrs Kim, an immigrant South Korean family running a convenience store living in Toronto, Canada along with their kids Janet and Jung. The show revolves around the daily life of the family running the convenience store. From Mr Kim being a strict Korean father to sweet little Mrs Kim’s cooking you’ll be entertained by the not-so mundane lives of the Kim’s. Kim’s convenience store is a refreshing lighted hearted family drama and I assure you, you will learn a lot about Korean culture and their food. I learnt about Galbijjim is delectably tender Korean braised beef short ribs. 

2. Barbarian

Language : English

There are some days I am in the mood for getting teleported back in time, let’s say to the 9 AD. Barbarians was a perfect blend of a brilliant plot, tactful moves and brilliant characterization. Right from the very start I was hooked. ‘Barbarians is a historical show inspired by true events. I left the heavy lifting to the Forbes Magazine to capture the essence of the show in just four lines,

” Set in 9 A.D. Germany, Barbarians is a dramatization of the events that led to the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which Germanic tribes confronted three legions of the Roman Empire. This battle is viewed as pivotal because it stopped the Roman expansion into northern Europe. At its core, however, the series is about the friendship of three Germanic children, who were separated during the Roman occupation and who find each other again, years later.


I was constantly sitting on the edge of my bed *bad pandemic reference* and it honestly blew my mind, those exemplary shots from the battlefields were just killer and how those brave Germanic tribes that fought against the Roman’s through their tactful battlefield moments blew my mind away.

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3. Love & Anarchy

Language : Swedish

Love and Anarchy is a Swedish show that is truly underrated but absolutely heartwarming. I’m not an overly outward romantic, but definitely there are moments that kill me from inside with sweetness. This was a perfect blend where my rebellious side met flirtation at its best. The show revolves around Max, the new IT guy and Sofie, mother of two and a consultant. As you learn more about their eccentricities you begin to fall in love with how they challenge each other every other day. The show is a beautiful blend of how modernization has led the no.1 oldest publishing house in Sweden to create a digital presence.

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4. Wanted

Language : English (with a touch of an Australian accent)

Who wants to see two badass women get caught up in a carjacking, evade the cops, cross international borders? Well, if your hand is up, you’re really gonna be glad cause, ‘Wanted’ is known as Australian’s most ‘progressive drama in 2016.’ The story revolves around Chelesea and Lola, two strikingly different personalities that meet at the bus stop where they are classically at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Wanted was absolutely a refreshing take on women supporting each other and you’re laughing throughout their epic journey and detours around the world.

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5. Into The Night

Language : French

If you’re ready to get sucked into a tv show, look no further.The show begins at night in the airport in Belgium with a solider hijacking a plane talking about ludicrous claims that people are dropping dead around the world once the sun rises. The whole show revolves around seven characters each having an episode talking about their story. What I loved most was the difference in time zones and how critical it was to beat time.

6. Self Made

I fell in love with ”Self Made’ right from the trailer itself. I usually never rewatch shows, this was my exception. ‘Self Made’ is a true story of Madam C.J Walker (you can think of her as the Beyoncé of the 20th Century for hair, that sass oh my was to die for).

Madam C.J Walker was an entrepreneur of her time, she decided to create hair products for the African African community living in the United States. As the title suggests Madam C.J Walker was America’s first, ‘Self Made Female Millionaire’. Again, since it’s a pretty historical show, I have left the heavy lifting of the facts with the Guardian :

Originally known as Sarah Breedlove, she was born two years after the emancipation of slaves, living as a free woman but one with limited opportunities. She worked hard as a “washer woman” but suffered from severe hair issues, affecting her confidence and how she was perceived by the wider world. 


Whatever challenges were thrown her way, from her house burning down (I’m forcing myself not to name more) she handled it with utmost badassery. I know one thing for sure if you have grit, persistent and you know your self-worth, nothing can stop you, and I mean it, nothing. You become unstoppable because you are invigorated with new zest for life.

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