Top 10 Ted Talks Under 5 minutes

What I learnt in under 5 minutes Ted Talk

1. Raising a black child in America through poetry slam by Clint Smith, a Harvard University Doctorate, a poet and a writer. This under 5 minute Ted Talk had a long lasting impact on me so much so that these lines still ring in my head, “Black lives matter not because others dont, because they are constantly told they don’t.” He spoke about his childhood not being able to play hide and seek along with this white friends or to wear hoodies after dark just to keep themselves alive. It was definitely eye opening to learn about things we normally don’t think about.

2. 5 ways to Kill Your Dreams This Ted Talk used humor to help us understand how we kill our own dreams. From actually ‘believing in overnight success‘ to believing others have answers.’ I absolutely loved how humor gets the points across so well.

3. Try something new for 30 day challenge – Definitely irked me to try something new for a month. A must watch for anyone getting started.

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4. A Bath Without Water – The Ted speaker was from a small town in South Africa where his sheer laziness of not wanting to take a bath lead him to create the world’s first dry bath. Once his product released he decided to conduct assessment’s. He had three major learnings a) it saved 2 hours for children having to walk back and forth to have a bath b) it was a rich man’s convenience and c) most poorer communities don’t purchase in bulk, they rather buy in sashes therefore he redesigned his product to take in the new feedback. “So what’s stopping you from making a difference.”

5. Cost of one paper towel : An energetic old man spoke about the environmental cost of one paper towel. The way he explained it truly left an impact on me and I hope I do the same with you. He walks on stage and divides the audience into ‘Shake’ and ‘Fold’. Now he walks backs into the center where there is a basin and different types of paper towels. He says no of us know how to use a paper towel, we end up using 3-4 and the infrastructure that dispenses the paper towels don’t help. So he literally guides you on how to wash hands, he points to the shake group, and the shake group roars, “Shake” and he shakes his hands vigorously and then points to the fold group and they yell enthusiastically as well, “Fold”, and he takes one paper towel and uses it to wipe his hands dry. It’s definitely a must watch! Now we all know what we got to do in public washrooms.

6. Doodlers Unite – I never consciously thought about doodling. But when people are passionate wonderful things start happening. She decided to learn and the psychological effects doodling has on our mind. From the general stereotypes of ‘distracted’ and a ‘waste of time’. She learnt that for people to remember things they must be able to do two things write or hear. Doodling actually encaptures all the four processes for a person to remember things. So this was a great talk.

7. Grit and Passion – Fabulous she talks about how passion isn’t the only thing you need to follow. She talks about the importance of GRIT which is passion + perservance. That no matter what we situation life throws at us we overcome it with GRIT! Just fabulous!

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8. The Dangers of Silence – Another great talk by Clint Smith. What I loved most about the talk was he gives us 4 tenets to guide ourselves forward past ignorance and to actually make a difference. The four tenets are :read critically’, write consciously, speak clearly, tell YOUR truth. Clint quotes, Martin Luther King,“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

9. A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter -It’s mostly the unconventional heading that gather my attention. I learnt about a volunteer fire fighter bringing in shoes for a lady and was thanked for his kindness. He opens up and says kindness is everywhere even in doing the smallest tasks. 


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