Meet the Moon Chasers

In 2019 I had done a course on ‘Storytelling for Social Change’ on Edx, a website I highly recommend to people interested to learn online. The website offers an array of courses from Economics, business, social activism, international relations, sustainability. You name it, they have it. You can audit courses or even pay if you like, there are even scholarships if you are really keen to learn but can’t afford to pay for the certificate. (Not sponsored, just a genuine interest in the platform)

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For over a year I was working with an NGO on education. I worked with teachers and headmasters, to help improve the student learning outcome of remote government schools. I thought it would be only fitting to do a course that could help me present my ideas better to my team and various stakeholders. Through the learnt the importance of storytelling in todays highly data driven and statistical environment.

So when I heard the announcement that a couple is going next to to present I was surprised since I thought it was usually an individual that would present at the Pecha Kucha event. Don’t we all love surprises though. Up next were the ‘Moon Chasers‘ intrigued by their name, I sat up straight in my seat waiting to hear their stories.

I learnt from my course we tend to remember the stories that made a personal connection with rather than with facts. So that evening I surprised myself since I remembered a lot of their lessons they imparted (I have terrible memory).

I was caught off-guard when one of them said, “We purposely take a wrong turn once in a while so we can explore more.” I thought to myself, “wow, that’s really something.”

We live in a world where everyone is in a constant rush to reach their destination. And then you have people like Joy and Chandreyi that value the journey more than anything else. I was floored by that. The couple explained they got their name when they started taking leave from work and realized most of their leaves were on full moons or half moon weeks. That’s when the idea struck to call themselves the moon chasers.


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