Importance of Planning -Learning Thursdays

My Journey With Planning So Far

I am a pretty spontaneous person, who previously prided herself with her spontaneity and not planning. Oh boy how wrong was I. Thankfully I learnt from my experience. Over the past year I decided why not start, like NOW. But then I realized I didn’t have the foggiest of clue where to begin.

Starting from really understanding ‘WHY’ we do it to ‘WHERE’ do we even begin? Are we supposed to plan on paper, or on the phone app? Hello world? Anyone?

And that’s where I met my first mistake, I looked externally for guidance. Yes that gif accurately described my face when I learnt it.

There’s a beautiful quote I read by an Australian motivational speaker Matthew Kelly –

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month. We overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.”

Now Let’s Truly Begin

I wanted to create habits that actually struck. Which of course reminds me of a quote I had read on Instagram, “Only once you get tired of your own shit can you truly begin the work.”

So the seed of planning struck when I read the book, ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. He spoke about how seemingly small habits can bring out remarkable changes to our lives. So I decided to put it to test.

Here are some of my takeaways from the book :

My 1st Learning – Decide What You Want

I cannot emphasize the importance of this. Honestly from experience, try to shut down the noise, probably plug in your headphones, listening to your favorite song, wherever you get into that zone, where YOU can think about what you want from life. It can anything, YOU get to decide on that.

In my case, I wanted to make Meditation a habit. I had attended a 10 day silent retreat where I felt the affects of my practice.

My 2nd Learning – Break Down The Task

Once we gdecide what we want, we break it down. This is the fun part, because YOU get to decide how that can be. A little tip, the smaller you break it down the better. Don’t believe me, there’s an entire 15 minute Ted Talk dedicated to making small manageable adjustments, the keyword ‘manageable.’

Don’t overwhelm yourself with 10 minutes on your first day. Break the habit into small chunks that it would be ridiculous if you didn’t do it. Having some sort of structure can phenomenally help you here.

In my case of meditation I began with structure.

A 14 day Guided Meditation Playlist

My 3rd Learning – Schedule It Into Your Day

The third best thing I learnt was ‘SCHEDULING’ your habit. Another thing I felt prey too in my past. There’s a beautiful quote I read, “think of your tasks as important meetings with yourself, bosses don’t cancel.” You can do this with a phone reminder, google calendar pings or the you could definitely go old school with the ‘Post It’ thing, whatever works for you.

My 4th Learning- Be specific in regards to Times/Place

After scheduling your task, the more specific you are with yourself the better. Being specific in the sense of how often you decide to perform the task aka frequency and amount of time spent on time aka duration.

In my case I began meditating daily since I already had the structure in place. But you can always go back and decided for yourself.

My 5th learning – Track your habit

My fifth and final learning would be tracking! It’s even scientifically proven that tracking is one of the most important motivator to follow through your tasks. It reminds you how far you have come. You can track your progress in a book or in an app, tick marking dates off your calendar, whatever helps you stay on track do exactly that.


It’s only as good as you make it. You can find a 100 resources but it wouldn’t help it you didn’t put it into action!

Incase you waned to watch the Ted on habits

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