Practice the Art of Abundance

A little context of the concept

What is abundance ?

When I was 14 y/o I remember my mom gave me book, titled the ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It’s all about manifesting the life you want, be it in health, happiness, money, relationships.

She gave me the book to shift my sucky attitude towards life, negative mindset & self pity and turn it into a proactive life. I decided to read it and actively seek things I wanted. One thing that really stuck out for so many years was, the law of abundance. Shockingly your attitude either abundance or scarcity toward money, will have a major impact on whether you become rich or not!

“that your current life is a reflection of your past thoughts. You attract what you think about the most. To change your life, you must change your thoughts. You literally think your life into existence. What you’re thinking now will create your future life. 

Flashback College – 2016

I remember there would be times I would sit blankly on my bed, back against the wall with the laptop on the side. I had hardly any money in my bank account. I wanted more, but I didn’t have experience under my belt. In my case it was content writing. But in those moments I told myself, “you need to start somewhere, now isn’t a bad time. gain some experience and do it because you genuinely want to learn, otherwise you won’t continue it. It’s only through writing you will become a better writer, opportunities will come in the future.”

I seeked out two content writing internships which interested me. I got selected & was over the moon. I told myself, “Ta da, now is your opportunity to learn and make mistakes, someone has given you a shot, make the best out of it. You ain’t gonna be losing out on anything.”

I was really proud of myself. I decided to celebrate my small win by going for a walk. The whole walk, I remember I was telling myself, “damn girl, you did it, now you are boss.”

After my own brag sesh was over, I came back to laptop to pick a film to watch after dinner. Next day after college, I came sat on my bed, and checked my email. I got two new mail. Both my internship decided to start paying its interns overnight!

I was taken back, I sat there shocked, and was deeply proud for truly believing in working hard, and getting experience. And sure enough the money came!

Flash back – Jan 2020

I began my New Years at Jaipur in a Vipassana meditation center. According to heathline website,

Vipassana is a traditional Buddhist and Indian meditation technique for enhancing mindfulness.

In Pali, an ancient language of Buddhism, the word “Vipassana” means “seeing things as they really are.” The literal translation is “special seeing.”

Often, the term “Vipassana meditation” is used interchangeably with “mindfulness meditation,” but Vipassana is more specific. It involves observing your thoughts and emotions as they are, without judging or dwelling on them.

I arrived and was allotted my room. I had two hours left to talk after which for the next 10 days I’d have to be mute. I remember I met a girl named Pooja, a fashion designer from Mumbai, wanted to do something more than just travel. I was in awe of her when she said that. As we chatted, I realized how like minded we were. We spoke about everything under the sun. We felt so connected to one another we showed each other a tattoo we wanted.

Got a tattoo with a stranger

The anchor symbolizes my life being brought up by the ocean, a life that I am privileged to be live. The mountain symbolize a life that I have chosen, a life full of exciting new adventures

I was like, “You wanna get it once this is over.”

She : “Yeah why not. let’s do it, I haven’t booked a return ticket.”

Me : * Overexcited* I continued, “Let’s book a zostel, a backpacker den. I kind of want to visit it since my friend worked there a year ago. After that we can hit the tattoo parlor!

She was in. And then for the next 10 days we sat in silence. The most comfortable silence I was ever in. 10 days laters,we booked our zostel, kept our stuff in the room and, headed straight for our tattoo’s.

Paying a debt

After a day we said goodbye. I was headed back to the mountains to continue to teaching at remote Govt primary schools to teach science, English and maths.

Students of class IV & V from Poling school, Kapkote, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand

As I sat in the train, I looked at my phone. I owed Pooja 1300-500 Rs. But I only had 3,000 Rs in my account. It was just the 14th of January. I was to be paid in another two weeks.

Enroute to my closest school, Model Kapkote, 1 km away from my residence

I didn’t take money from my parents. Somehow I managed to convince myself to pay her. I told myself, ” I’ll manage if I don’t I’ll have to look into my other account and transfer money.”

I went to google pay and I remember my insides being like, “don’t do it.”, but my mind was clear, “you have the money, pay it, we don’t know what the future holds.”

I felt a sigh of relief as I clicked ‘pay’. I looked outside at the window and was proud of my decision. I reassured myself this was the right thing to do, now we’ll work around it.

When I looked down at phone, , I got a notification from Google Pay, rewarding me Rs 652 the biggest amount I had ever recieved. I was thrilled, beyond happy. I was told myself, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Abundance vs scarcity

Practicing scarcity only makes us hold on to things. When we give we receive, sometimes far greater than we can ever imagine.

What’s your story on abundance? Has anything like this happened to you?

Resources :

Vipassana Definition taken from Healthline website

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To Read More About The Secret

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