What’s our take on YouTube on our Digital Well being?

NEHA: I am not an avid user of YouTube. But whenever I do get into YouTube, it is for something useful. I start with music, I feel like listening to music in the morning, so I go to YouTube, click the 90s hit Hindi sings and they start. Thanks to its algorithm, it never stops.

PAYAL: True my consistent meditation and fitness practice over the months have recommended me some great fitness and mindfulness influencers. So take advantage of social media and let it impact you and inspire you in ways never before.

NEHA: The algorithms understand what mood I am in and it shows me related videos conveniently. But I realized once I am in it, it doesn’t really let me press the back button as easily. I finish one song it plays the next. I sneak a peak, I look at the actors dancing and sit in front of my screen instead of working.

I go to look at a cooking recipe, and then I am flooded with more recipes for paneer butter masala than I can imagine. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I click on one and then the other and before I know it I would have spent an hour on YouTube.

But it has also made me smile when I am sad. When I am angry, if I am crying, I go to YouTube, click on Ellen’s show or Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon and I would be laughing my ass off watching a celebrity eat cupcakes filled with bacon!

Here is a list of useful YouTube channels Payal has combined. Browse through, use it for meditation, for workouts, for ted talks or for VOX videos. Just make sure you know when to hit the back button. That is the only absolute essential in YouTube.

Know when to press back, stop, do not let the algorithms get the better of you!



In unprecedented times like this, there is a lot of uncertainty in the air, and there are two ways of looking at this. One with, “everything is happening to you, and therefore you can’t control much,” I agree, we can’t control the situation, but I do know that we can control how we feel & act towards the situation.

Instead of reacting, how about we try responding instead. It makes a world of a difference. Try it out and let us know what you think?

Here’s what I follow on YouTube, in case you are wondering how you can improve your own digital well being

I personally have been trying to create a meditation ritual for the past year, it took me exactly a year to finally create a habit. There’s a beautiful quote someone asked Buddha

 “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied, “Nothing!” Then he continued, “However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear of old age an death.”


Like most people, I didn’t have a clue about Meditation.

Meditation doesn’t have to be done on a retreat it can be done at home, on your phone, for 10-15 minutes, everyday.


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Meditation isn’t about silencing your thoughts. It’s about acknowledging our thoughts and letting them go. As Dan Harris, author of ‘10% Happier’ puts it,

“Meditation is like doing focused reps for your mind. Focus on the breath, lose your focus, bring it back to the breath, repeat. This is the whole game. Keep bringing your mind back to the breath.


We have always imagined sitting in an upright posture, hands on knees, for hours on end. My simple experience is just sit in a comfortable position. Because once you’re comfortable it would be slightly easiest to focus your attention on your breath than being in an uncomfortable position that distracts you with the discomfort


I was so wrong here. In college, I was introduced to chanting mediation and it didn’t help that movies backed this approach!

But once I began my home routine of meditation I learnt a whole new deal. I learnt chanting is just another form of meditation apart from open eye mediation, object meditation, visualization meditation, focus meditation. There’s a whole book dedicated to talking about the benefits of Meditation titled 10% happier by Dan Harris.

Here are some accounts I follow on YouTube Boho Beautiful &  Declutter the mind 


The fastest way to knock off the stress is by a quick workout. Research says that even if you do a five-minute cardio workout it boosts your cardio-respiratory functions, blood circulation strengthens your immune system so never mind getting in shape, do it for your health. Times like these demand a high functioning immune system.

If you’re into more having a functional workout that incorporates a well-rounded structure such as Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio & Abs, equipment, no equipment. Take your pick, here are some great accounts I recommend and follow 

FITGRIT ,She designs workout videos from beginners to advance. She has a 12 week program, monthly challenges, even weekly ones as well. ,Blogilates it is a Pilates class where you actually feel like you’re working out with a chatty  friend. Heather Robertson, is the poster child for exercising being therapy. Chloe ting, Pamela Reif provide workouts for those short on time, packed with simple movements.

So challenge yourself,

Here are some accounts I recommend if you wish to move :


Interesting I learnt recently that the part of the brain that is influenced when we practice yoga is the hypothalamus that controls our emotions. So if you are anxious, light movements such as practising yoga or pilates could really be beneficial for your mental and emotional well being.

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Accounts – Yoga with Kassandra, Yoga with Adrienne, Yoga with Tim They all have their monthly calendars, and challenges if you would do that.

Pilates – Move with Nicole, Kaylie Daniels ‘Glow Method’ and Popsugar. Jennifer Lawrence trainer mixes Pilates with cardio, if anyone is into spicing up your day, I would totally recommend you got for that 

However, if you’re into creating a lifestyle, I follow Sydney Cummings, she programs her workouts as if she’s your personal trainer. An ex-athlete turned personal trainer started her company called Royal Change, to make fitness accessible to everyone regardless of their income. 


Armchair travel gives you a sensory experience of the adventure through visuals, audio, text. It could be browsing through YouTube and watching someone else live their adventures or reading a great book. It really depends on what you like

What gave me an armchair experience was watching Fun for Louis buy a boom bus and travel across the United States . Or closer home, I watched a series on a local guy from Manali making travel vlogs of his life in the mountain. The series is called ‘Way back home.

If you’re into learning educational content, you got channels like vox, vice news to satisfy you. Then we have to stand up comedians like Trevor Noah’s show called, The Daily social distancing Show along with John Oliver and a gazillion others, you follow one, the algorithms will do the next for you 

Let your feed inspire you, let it remind you of your progress, work ethic, let it empower you, life shouldn’t be as hard as you are making it to be .


Our Final Take

P: I believe in adding value and doing things that make you feel good. Because we seek things that make us feel good, and slowly you’d realize that the bad habits aren’t as satisfying as the good ones.

N: So YouTube has its good and bad, and as usual, the mantra would be to limit your usage, to control, to use for the good and stop with it. My mom has always had one saying constant in our lives, be it for chocolates, be it for parties, be it for outdoor adventure activity- anything within a limit is good. The minute you go over that limit, it will come to bite you!

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Last Week Tonight


Heather Robertson


Kaylie Daniels

Sydney Cummings

Yoga With Adriene

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