let’s talk fitness

#1 “ A fresh start isn’t a place, it’s a mindset”. 

P: That’s just one of the many things I have learned while on my fitness journey. ‘Let’s Talk Fitness is and I am starting it with my school best friend Karuna. It feels right since we started our fitness journeys around the same time.

The idea behind our new series is to showcase the lesser-known aspects of fitness journeys––the journey, the process, and the mindset surrounding it. If I’m being honest, nobody around me nor the people I follow on social media ever spoke about their journeys. They always just posted happy pictures of themselves smiling. The photos, or even the captions accompanying them, never gave me an honest look into what it’s like…” (which can be extremely daunting at times).

This year, after trying the workouts of 6 different fitness YouTubers, I came across someone that resonated with me––Sydney Cummings, an ex Division 1 athlete from West Virginia University who decided to make fitness accessible to everyone regardless of their income. Sydney Cummings was the one who introduced me to the term ‘wellness’. This quote by Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian sums up how I feel when I work out with Sydney:

“When you counsel someone, you should appear to be reminding him of something he had forgotten, not of the light he was unable to see.”

Source: The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Sydney reminded me of the inner resilience that existed within me.

Our Humble Beginnings 

P: When I started working out, I did it with the sole purpose of reducing my anxiety. Slowly but steadily I found YouTubers that spoke about the same thing. For instance, I remember a fitness YouTuber Tanvi (The Fitgrit) talking about how exercising helps combat anxiety and is much needed during this time. I didn’t have any role models, coaches, or trainers around me to look up to. I was stuck in the pandemic just like you. I had no equipment, no idea what to do or how to begin. However, I knew I had the will, and as cringy or corny as it sounds, where there’s a will, there’s away. 

K: Growing up in a world that places a premium on thinness and constantly bombards you with images of what the ‘ideal body’ looks like, I was no stranger to feeling out of place in my own body, and wanted to look a certain way. For me, it was always about the aesthetics––which is probably why every single ‘fitness journey’ I embarked on only lasted till I achieved my aesthetics goals.

It took a global pandemic and some personal health issues for me to confront the fact that a sustainable and well-rounded approach to health and fitness is the only way to go. It’s a long and winding process full of trial and error, but once you find a routine that works for you, it becomes easier to look at your health holistically. To anyone who wants to start their journey, I hope this series is helpful for you!

What We Will Be Introducing In The Series 

In this series, my best friend and I will cover different aspects of our respective fitness journies and the things we learnt.  These include: 

  1. What fitness influencers we follow 
  2. Where we get our nutritional advice from 
  3. The equipment we have
  4. How we developed a mindset conducive to a sustainable fitness journey anf how you can do it too
  5. Performance goals vs aesthetics: What matters more?
  6. Podcasts to educate yourself on fitness 

And so much more! Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post.

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