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P: In our previous post we dabbled with whether fitness was a privilege or priority? And we concluded it with- “it’s how you decide to approach fitness”. Today we will cover a brief of the steps required before starting our journey to increase our awareness of fitness

Before we get into it, here are 3 things I found extremely helpful in searching online for fitness

  1. Setting aside time  -was a game-changer for me. Things don’t get done if we haven’t scheduled it into our day. You can start with something as small as say 10 minutes. According to an article by Muse,
You may be skeptical at first, but by simply changing how you frame your tasks, you will see that just about everything can be broken down into 10-minute tasks. Do you need to research a new topic? Start with 10 minutes on Google scanning news articles, followed by 10 minutes of jotting 
down everything you know and the top few questions you still need to answer, and then 10 
minutes each calling people to get advice on answering your open questions

2. Writing down my intention – before you start googling, setting an intention really helps. It could be a few words or a line that helps you remain focused when you might sidetrack from the original goal. It is also known to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed since the task is broken down into smaller actionable steps.

Here’s an article by Forbes I found that said people are more likely to achieve their goals once they have written it down.

writing down our goals helps it get stored at a deeper level in the brain that loves analysing stuff.

3. Outcomes – what do you want to achieve at the end of those 10 minutes. Use a timer and set 3 objectives you’d like to achieve at the end of those 10 minutes. Time really flies on the internet, and we tend to get sucked into each article that links resources after resources. So having a clear outcome helps you stay on track and spend your time wisely.

4. Keep an open mind- Don’t look at fitness as a battle and a struggle, make sure that you’re entering this process with a mindset that is open to learning and unlearning.


For our next article, we will cover health & wellness websites, fitness apps, podcasts and so much more.

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