In the previous post, we spoke about the process of starting your fitness journey. Here are what we use and recommend if you are lost :

P: What has helped me has been googling information from great websites like Healthline, which is an American company that has in-depth, easy to understand information on nutrition, wellness, fitness. I love experimenting. For instance, if I was sore, I would google ways to recover better. Thereafter landed on this website that recommended recovery such as foam rolling, and having cold showers. Of course, you don’t have to take it as the gospel of truth. The best way to avoid that is to always verify with a couple of other sources. 


Once you experiment on Youtube the algorithms recommend videos. Most of the fitness influencers out there have created an app. So once you have found your style of working out and you can go ahead and decide your next few steps. Here are some really famous apps I have heard of:


P: Though I haven’t tried this app in particular, you can always read reviews from more experienced professionals about what they think about it. Sweat is a paid app started by Kayla Itnis back in 2015. It came at a time when there weren’t many fitness apps in the market. If you browse through their websites you would find a handful of articles on fitness, food, health, workouts. I really loved how they cover information, it is simple to understand, easily navigable and have a clear way of delivering information that you can actually use.

At the end of the day, you must remember – do what your body needs not the person next to use. It sounds easy, but it is the hardest thing ever.

Nike Training App

P: I have tried this app and it’s great for all levels. Nike provides you training with your favourite athlete which makes you feel extremely athletic and they have lots of variety which is awesome. And guess what It’s free so you can check it out!!!


K: Curefit gives you the option to access a variety of at-home workouts, be it yoga, dance cardio or pilates. They have a blend of live and recorded classes guided by certified trainers. It’s quite a great resource as their programmes range from 20-40 minutes, and are ideal for people on the move – K’s dad is a huge fan!


kinetic living

P: It was started by Urm Kothari, a certified Nike Trainer back in 2016. Most popularly known as Coach Urmi she has a way of talking that instantly makes it seem personable. In her podcast, she talks about exercise not just to train the body but also the mind. She shares her tips and her quirky stories with famous Indian celebrities who started their fitness journeys. What I loved most was her ability to make you feel that you aren’t alone in your journey. Everyone starts as a beginner, even though people dont seem that at first, it’s a mental game first, followed by physical.

the huberman lab

This is one of my favourite podcasts. It was started by Stanford professor and neurobiologist Andrew Huberman that uses science-based tools to live a good life. I’m sure he would be the reason why people will go out of jobs. His intensive in-depth analysis and cutting edge research really would blow away anyone’s mind and did I forget all for free. The podcast is broken down month-wise, where each month has a theme and every Monday a new podcast is released. The topics covered so far have been on the latest research on sleep, nutrition, memory, muscles, pain. If you’re looking to learn this is the first stop.


P: Hosted by Ryan  Flaherty, a senior director of performance at Nike talks about the 5 facets of training Sleep, Nutrition, Recovery, Mindset and Training. Absolutely one of my favourite fitness podcasts.

The episodes are 30 minutes long and are really crisp, hit the point and give you actionable micro-steps to start or advance your fitness journey. It’s honestly something else when you start training with an athlete because I think the mindset is what makes people stand out at the end of the day.


It’s a 6-week podcast that covers pertinent topics just like Trained by Nike. It ranges from 2- 3 minutes. I found it helped me because it was really thought-provoking content. 

It trains your mind into thinking and taking action like an athlete. I found this stupendous because I actually spent the morning listening to a 2-minute podcast. 

I learnt that when exhaustion hits, your mind gives up first before the body. In times like this, athletes have suggested naming your exhaustion. One such named it, ‘the beast.’ I tried this once and I started laughing on the mat, cause I spoke to myself out loud, saying hi beast, what up you showed up late, you ain’t gonna defeat me, I’m stronger than you.”


I really do hope this helped you advance or even begin your fitness journey. Do let me know in the comments if you have heard any of the above options and what are your thoughts. I’d honestly love to hear them. and if you have anything new, do drop that as well.


In the next post, we will share our personal favourite fitness YouTubers and did we forget to say, it’s tried and tested!




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