top 10 fitness influencers to follow

Sydney Cummings 

k: It goes without saying that Sydney is our go-to trainer. If we start gushing about why we love her workouts and how they’ve changed our lives, we may never stop! Sydney’s workouts focus on getting you in the best shape of your life, rather than looking a certain way. Her workouts are programmed to include different kinds of movement, so all you have to do is show up and crush it.

P: If you ever want to learn about your body, then I think it’s definitely best to learn it with Sydney Cummings. I would recommend you start with her stretches. I have linked her stretch playlist below. She tells you exactly where you’re supposed to feel it.  It’s quite empowering to know which muscle group is working and if you’re working them in the right places.

Here’s a great article by an American online Magazine called SELF that covers women’s health, beauty & style. This article will talk you through incorporating stretching into your routine. From adding it to your Google or Apple Reminders to stacking habits. 

MUST TRY from the Stretch Playlist 


Deep Mindset


Must try workout programs with Sydney is –POWER

Website – Royal Change


In 2017 Tanvi Parekh a software engineer from Microsoft decided to document 100 weeks of her fitness journey. She ended up creating a youtube channel called FITGRIT! I found her exceptionally great since I was able to relate to her body type and her nationality. I first started training with her to work on my mental health. I did two of her challenges and developed a mindset with her. She taught me the importance of redefining my journey along the way.

Check out Fitgrit’s Medium Account

A must-read – Tanvi runs a fitness blog on the medium which gives great insight into what you can expect to learn from her when you decided to embark on your own fitness journey.

Fitgrit was a breath of fresh air for me on youtube. She provides daily accountability on her Facebook groups & monthly challenges with a calendar on Youtube. She provides equipment as well as no equipment workout.

An example of what you can expect


Basic Beginner Burn 

Importance of Rest Days &  what to do on rest days 


Looking at Heather’s workout reminded me of when people called exercising therapy! I thought they were crazy till I felt the benefits of it. I now look forward to a good sweat, mental clarity & being happy for no reason. I mean damn I feel invincible. She’s is so graceful, but when you work out on the mat, I sometimes wondered if I was doing the same workout as her. I was drenched in sweat, sipping water a gazillion times, dying basically. While Heather moved from one move to another almost effortlessly. Only later did I learn that it is a combination of years of practice and the importance of recovery.


  1. Daily10
  2. Glow up
  3. 6 weeks Low Impact Chllenge
  4. 2 weeek Lockdown Challenge
  5. 7 days no equitmenet challenge

Website –

Justina Ercole 

What I love about Justina is the fact that she is outspoken in the overly saturated fitness industry. She doesn’t hesitate to state her opinions that target fitness influencers with millions of followers. She truly wants her audience to benefit from her view on fitness. She breaks down the importance of functional training ( here) which is basically training in a way that moves you in real life. She breaks down the workouts into different categories like price, vibe, functionality and so on. You truly learn a lot from her.

Here are some of her non-negotiable best videos – 


SHE individually reviews fitness infleuncers


Taylor Woods

I love how clumsy she is, she is truly herself, she’s definitely not inspirational but has a very endearing vibe. Her talk on working out on your periods and her reviews are a good listen.

Linda Sun 

Linda is a millennial that has made it her mission to spread body positivity through her inspiring fitness vlogs on youtube. She is absolutely inspirational with a twist, she started working out at the age of 11 years old and has tried every single fitness influencer out there, so listening to her review on paid apps, and another fitness influencer from the industry really does help you narrow down on what you to expect from YouTubers.

Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra is a yogi who posts yoga and stretching videos on her channel regularly. I’ve always seen recovery as a chore, but her flows have helped me appreciate the importance of slowing things down and prioritising mobility and flexibility. If you’re looking for a relaxed and meditative movement experience, this is the place to go.


30 minutes Hips deep stretch

New Moon Yoga – Slow Flow Stretch To Set Intentions

10 min Morning Yoga for Flexibility

Abbey Sharp (Abbey’s Kitchen)

Abbey Sharp is a Canada-based registered dietitian who initially started out by reviewing the diets of celebrities and influencers and raised larger questions about the harmful role diet culture plays in society. She also makes videos about intuitive eating, and how to maximise each meal to ensure that it gives you joy but also achieves satiety. While the foods she mentions are far removed from the Indian context, her videos provide useful cues about how to eat the foods that work for you and remove the guilt and stigma associated with food.

Obese to Beast

John David Glaude is a USA-based YouTuber who primarily makes reaction videos. His content calls out the fitness and diet industry and exposes the lies that fitness ‘influencers’ and others on the internet tell when it comes to exercising and weight loss. As his channel name suggests, he was once morbidly obese but took steps to lose weight in a sustainable manner. As someone who has been there and done that, his perspective is refreshing and relatable.


Do let me know in the comments if you have heard any of the above options and what are your thoughts. I’d honestly love to hear them. and if you have anything new, do drop that as well.


In the next post, we’ll go more into the training aspects of fitness!


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