how to train?


P: I know when I first heard the phrase, “find what works for you”, it irritated me. I had aesthetic goals in mind, I only wanted the outcome. I didn’t care how I got there. When I approached my fitness journey in a different light to see what movement worked for me, it was a gamechanger. I knew I liked yoga but not the fast-paced Vinyasa kind. I enjoyed a slower-paced yin yoga, where you hold poses for 2-3 minutes.

Consequently, I know there is just an abundance of information out there. Anyone who loses weight feels like they can give advice. Surely they can but when they have a mass following it’s important to realise that there genuinely isn’t a one size fits all approach. Everyone has different dietary preferences, types of workouts, the kind of injuries they might have had ( back or knee) it is all connected to finding what works for you.

k: At the very core of finding what works for you is being clear about what you like and dislike, but also having an open mind to try new forms of movement. For example, if there are certain exercises that you cannot do for health and safety reasons, don’t pressure yourself to add them as part of your routine just because someone said so. However, if you’re daunted by the idea of doing a particular sort of exercise, revisit your why and let yourself explore new possibilities.  

The only way to see results in terms of loss of body fat and body fat gain is by consistency. You show up, you put in the work, it takes time.

Here are some pointers I have collected over the years – 

Enjoy your Cardio

When you reframe the way you think about exercising, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards something you enjoy. say Pilates, boxing, power yoga, a hike, walk, jog, run.  Anything that gets your heart rate up and you find yourself in a flow like a process is great. So instead of hating the cardio, you do, find something you can’t live without.


p: Continuing on my previous point, I had mentioned finding something you enjoy and here’s why

It turns out our emotional state tends to play a big role in our perception of time – a dynamic that I’ve studied for 10 years. Much research has shown that relative to an emotional negative state, a positive one makes time appear to pass more quickly.

The inverse magazine 

So when we hate something, this is what happens 

When avoidance motivation is triggered, time slows down to prevent us from lingering in potentially harmful situations. If time seems like it’s dragging when you’re frightened or disgusted, you’ll act more quickly to get yourself out of harm’s way.

So find you don’t hate so every minute doesn’t seem like torture. And I got more, this is what happens when we enjoy the time spent

When time passes more quickly, it makes it easier to pursue a goal for a longer period of time. Think about a hobby you enjoy and how time passes more quickly when you’re engaged with it.

So it’s important to reframe your mindset and see what exercising does to your body and the benefits you reap from just a simple 30-minute workout.

Divide your week

p: Have days for upper body lower body, cardio and abs and full body. Dont neglect any body part. And this looks different for everybody. 

k:This is a great article by Shape magazine that covers how to structure your own routine. If you want to take the guesswork out of crafting a routine, then there’s a large variety of certified and reliable folks (like our trainer Sydney Cummings!) who offer structured monthly programmes for free.

Gyms vs apps

p: This varies from person to person, I have always been a person that likes home workouts. The comfort zone of the house ah is something else. But if you have access to a gym, then by all means enjoy yourself, don’t feel shy to ask the trainer questions on how to use equipment and the form. You shouldn’t hurt yourself, in the process. Remember that your trainer’s job is to ensure that you get the best workout possible – make sure you hold them accountable!

Find a workout buddy

k: It’s safe to say that my workout journey wouldn’t have progressed for as long as it has without the Delhi Girl, my accountability partner. Finding a workout buddy doesn’t mean that you and your partner do workouts together at the same time or even on the same day! It means embarking on this journey with someone else and keeping them posted every step of the way. They’ll call you out when you’re slipping up, and give you motivation when you’re feeling low. Our tip is to start a separate group on a messaging app and send each other videos, photos and voice notes detailing your workouts, recovery, and feelings about the same. 


We shall talk more about the different types of training.



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