Our fitness series is all about empowering you & assisting you through the deluge of fitness content on the internet. As I was reading up on the beauty standards of women specifically in fitness, I came to notice a common trend that – everyone gets to decide on the ideal body of a woman’s

I can go on with that side, but I choose not to, I choose to shift my energy towards something we can work on

And here’s what I thought could help us combat the standardized beauty standards of women


That’s probably the hardest thing you will ever be able to do in your entire life. Most people tend to get it wrong, they think acceptance is passive, it’s actually the opposite. Acceptance is action-based, it’s letting go of the past and knowing you have no control over what has happened but you have a say in what you do in the future. People are always going to have something to say, you just go about doing your thing. From training with Sydney, I learnt another definition of acceptance, its called self-love. “You can love yourself and want more for yourself.” 


You got to be there for yourself

“If I’m gonna spend an hour doing my glam, it’s because I feel like it.” That’s what Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez dropped while she spoke on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. When I think about the beauty standards of women I invariably think about AOC. This was my favourite jaw-dropping moment with her, “We live in systems that were largely built for the convenience of men.” She dropped that WHILE APPLYING EYELINER

AOC further goes on to add about the pink tax- that women’s are paid less, and their products are more expensive, and they get better salaries if they dress well. That’s someone I admire, smart, intelligent and she is the epitome of self-care. I would love to see more strong powerful women, standing up for themselves and when they do that they silently stand up for other women! She ended with, “there will be days when you feel down, that’s when you look yourself in the mirror, & say “I’m the bomb.”


From the digital sphere, K and I have discerned the importance of having a coach that cares about you. It’s a true game-changer. Sydney as a coach has a tremendous influence on us from the way we live our lives. She relentlessly inspires us to transfer all the effort from the mat onto any other aspect of our lives such as in nutrition, hydration, sleep, and recovery. She has not only helped me get physically stronger, but I’m also mentally tougher along with leaning into challenges. With the newfound mindset I have developed with Sydney I am learning to take care of myself in ways I never knew existed.

Find people that are empowering you on the journey

This fitness journey is lifelong for me and I hope for you too! I have an accountability group with K that empowers me, inspires me, fuels me, and encourages me every single day. Some days are tougher, but knowing I have her by my side makes the whole journey easier.

Build a better relationship with your body

In addition to working out with Sydney, I learnt the importance of recovery. Before that, I had absolutely no idea. Sydney has over 157 stretches on her YouTube channel. While we are blessed with variety, there’s another crucial factor that plays in. You get to spend your rest days with your trainer. It honestly feels like she is there with you at every step of the journey.

Just 20 minutes of your time!

Sydney has stretches titled, gratitude stretch where she talks about being grateful for what your body can and will do, being grateful for your legs for they have carried you here so far. She recommences the talk stitching together the significance of each and every muscle, and the gratitude we must have for them. She gives you new ways to look and admire your body.


What are your thoughts on the standards of beauty of women in fitness? Drop a comment and let us know, we’d love to know what goes around! 


In our next post, we’ll talk about the role recovery in fitness.



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