P: In our last post we talked greatly about overtraining. In today’s article, we explore two different forms of exercise deterrence plateaus and burnouts in making exercise a habit.


P: Another hushed up affair in the fitness world is plateauing. According to plateau is defined as “to reach a state or level of little or no growth or decline, especially to stop increasing or progressing”.

K: You’re most likely to hit a plateau when your body is no longer challenged by the workouts you’re doing. We’ll share what helped us on our journeys.


P: You could always try and bring variety to your workouts, follow a new fitness influencer, introduce new equipment, try & find a workout that your body craves. It could be different for everyone. if your body likes a hike, then hike it out. Here are 2 great pieces on the basics of plateaus and methods to deal with them.

SWEAT was started by Aussie fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines in 2015. The article on burnout/plateaus delves in depth from gives you another way to deal with plateaus which you would have never expected from concentrating on nutrition, tracking your workout.

NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine is an American fitness training provider, has creative ways to deal with exercise burnout by taking sufficient rest, spicing it up and so much more. Be sure to head out there.


K: The human body is wonderful, and has the ability to adapt to situations. You might’ve been gasping for breath when you first walked for 30 minutes nonstop, but you’ll find that with the passage of time, your breath feels a little less heavy each time, and the exercise itself becomes less challenging to do.

The best way to avoid plateauing is to ensure that progressive overload is built into your programming. We talked about progressive overload in our previous posts, but it essentially means levelling up, whether it’s in terms of lifting heavier weights, decreasing rest periods between sets, performing moves with more intensity or using different moves.

Now, we know that this can sound challenging. I mean, how the hell is someone supposed to ensure all of this on their own? Well, the ultimate life hack is to find a trainer that does this for you! The Delhi Girl and I swear by Sydney Cummings and her beautifully curated monthly programmes.


In our next post, we chat about the relationship between food and our emotions.


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