A healthy relationship with food is possible!

P: As I began researching on this topic, I fell in love with this passage from ‘My relationship with food, the art of mindful eating.’ Essentially she has summed up what I wanted to convey

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, it can seem a little alien to refer to our connection with food as a relationship. Most people don’t even think they have a relationship with food but trust me, you do. 

The dictionary defines the term ‘relationship’ as ‘the way in which two or more people or things are connected. Essentially, if you fuel your body with nutritious foods and goodness, your body will thank you in return. It is all connected. 

That’s exactly what we want to share with you today. On this journey towards greater wellness, I’ll share my prior experience with food and what changed.



P: After 6 months of walking/jogging in Mumbai I decided to hit the gym. The first thing my ‘alleged’ trained told me was to hit the treadmill. After everything I did be it using the machines or smashing a medicine ball, I would feel exhausted, uneasy, dizzy, sometimes even experience little blackouts. I never knew what was the cause of it nor did I feel comfortable sharing it with my trainer. I later learnt it was due to dehydration. These experiences left me drained, disappointed and frustrated. The reason why I’m sharing my experience o dehydration is because of the lack of emphasis it gets in a workout. We periodically need to keep replenishing ourselves to perform our best on and off the mat.



Another reason I felt uneasy & dizzy was that the ‘supposed’ nutrients I ate never got absorbed in the body. Years later I found it it was because I was lactose intolerant. In my earlier days, I would be frustrated wondering why couldn’t I smash a workout without feeling uneasy. Now I knew what was the source of my problem and am working towards it.


P: When I look back at my journey I have realised how much I have grown in the span of one year in the pandemic. All my prior assumptions of what  I thought I was hooked onto like Chinese, waffles, Gujarati dal, kebabs I have naturally drifted away from. Through this experience, I learnt that our minds are much stronger than we give it credit for.

Here is one of the fitness influencers Soheefit on Instagram that we just admire, She talks about not allowing food to be a punishment.


We will delve deeper into more actionable steps to creating a sustainable lifestyle around food.



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