let’s talk fitness series: index

In this 17 part series, we talk about everything my best friend and I have learnt understanding our fitness journey through the pandemic. we cover topics that are closest to hearts from breaking myths of fitness to working on wellness, creating a healthy relationship with food and so much more.

INTRODUCTION – The idea behind our new series is to showcase the lesser-known aspects of fitness journeys––the journey, the process, and the mindset surrounding it. If I’m being honest, nobody around me nor the people I follow on social media ever spoke about their journeys. They always just posted happy pictures of themselves smiling. The photos, or even the captions accompanying them, never gave me an honest look into what it’s like…” (which can be extremely daunting at times).

TYPES OF TRAINING GOALS – In this post we’ll walk you through the types of goals and how we learnt about them, hoping to give you insight on how you can set your own goals!

POWER OF MINDSET – We talked about aesthetic goals and performance goals in our post last week, and it goes without saying that it is impossible to set goals in a realistic way without having the right mindset. 

HOW TO START WORKING OUT AND STICK TO IT – Arguably, one of the hardest parts of starting a fitness journey is just starting it! In today’s blog post, the two of us will be taking you through our (previously) bumpy relationship with fitness, and talking about how we started our most recent fitness journey, one that we’re going to be on for life~ 

TOP 7 APPS & PODCASTS TO FOLLOW ON YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY – Here are what we use and recommend if you are lost :

IS FITNESS A PRIVILEGE OR PRIORITY? – When I asked this question for the first time of whether it is a  privilege or priority, I instinctively said, “it’s what you make of it.”

THINGS EVERY BEGINNER MUST KNOW ABOUT FITNESS – In our previous post we dabbled with whether fitness was a privilege or priority? And we concluded it with- “it’s how you decide to approach fitness”. Today we will cover a brief of the steps required before starting our journey to increase our awareness of fitness

HOW POSITIVE SELF TALK CAN CHANGE THE GAME – Let’s take a moment to recognize the inner banter that goes on 24/7 in our heads. That’s what is called our self-talk!

HOW TO TRAIN? – I know when I first heard the phrase, “find what works for you”, it irritated me. I had aesthetic goals in mind, I only wanted the outcome. I didn’t care how I got there. When I approached my fitness journey in a different light to see what movement worked for me, it was a gamechanger.

7 WORKOUT MYTHS THAT NEED TO DIE – In our previous post we spoke about how to start training, now let’s talk about the common myths we learnt on our fitness journeys. A quick summary by a fitness YouTuber on training, Soheefit, that we both admire.


TAKING OUT THE BEAUTY STANDARDS IN FITNESS – Our fitness series is all about empowering you & assisting you through the deluge of fitness content on the internet. As I was reading up on the beauty standards of women specifically in fitness, I came to notice a common trend that – everyone gets to decide on the ideal body of a woman’s

THE IMPORTANCE OF REST & RECOVERY IN TRAINING -The least spoken about but most important part of any workout regime – RECOVERY. Athletes know this and therefore it’s an integral part of their routine. However, many homegoing fitness enthusiasts may feel ‘guilty’ about taking a rest day.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT OVERTRAINING? In our previous post, we spoke about the benefits of recovery. Today we shall delve deeper into the premise of overtraining, how burnouts and plateaus could be lead to lowered performance or injury.

HOW TO BREAK THROUGH A FITNESS PLATEAU – In our last post we talked greatly about overtraining. In today’s article, we explore two different forms of exercise deterrence plateaus and burnouts in making exercise a habit.

A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD IS POSSIBLE!If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, it can seem a little alien to refer to our connection with food as a relationship. Most people don’t even think they have a relationship with food but trust me, you do. 

6 WAYS TO DEVELOP HEALTHY EATING HABITS – In my earlier post I shared my relationship with food. In this post, I’ll explore deeper into the actionable strategies that took me here

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