The 3 Challenges To Consistency

We all have an inner procrastinator in us, that wants us to choose the easier, most often lazier path. But to create sustainable habits we must go beyond and sit in the discomfort.

I think we’re all experts in this particular domain. Precisely why I think it’s important to just take a moment, and think about that one thing you’ve been wanting to bring into your life.

No like seriously, think! Okay great, this exercise was there to remind you that you aren’t alone in the struggles of keeping habits consistent. 

And here’s what I would like to share with you what challenged me on my path to consistency in learning a language

Giving up to early

I remember this extremely vividly. Back in college, I was fascinated with the idea of learning a language. (I picked Spanish, just in case you were wondering.) I even took a course and got a ‘degree’. It never fulfilled me though, which left me deeply unsatisfied. Then I heard about an app called Duolingo, the world’s largest free learning platform to learn languages think French, Russian, German, Swedish. It literally has everything. So when I downloaded Duolingo, obviously I was enthusiastic to learn but had no serious WHY! This brings us to my next point

No Strong Why

The app was great, trust me I thank my past self every day to have found out about the app. It had everything in from tracking progress through a streak calendar, being an encouraging friend, there’s even a scoreboard that keeps you competitive. But I learnt I could have all the resources in the world, but not having a purpose, made it pointless. 

No Clear End Goal

I was extremely enthusiastic on day one, but as there was no solid WHY to pursue it the next day, I hardly could even get through 10 minutes of it. I didn’t know how long to start was 10 minutes enough or was 1 hour the ideal learning time.

But this isn’t a blog about cribs or sob stories, it’s about taking ownership of your own life. Coming soon in my next blog are all the strategies and tools I used to work on my consistency.


Surprising this wasn’t the first time I’m writing about consistency, I have been struggling with it for a pretty long time.

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