How trekking helped me enter states of mindfulness

2015 – Getting off ‘Auto-Pilot’ in College

Sitting on the hostel roof was talking about life

By the term autopilot I mean, just going with the flow, not thinking about anything, living without intention and not being in tune with my emotions.

College was my first real experience of living away from my parents, staying in a hostel and taking care of myself. Despite that, I was just sleepwalking to college, one minute I would be on the bus, in the classroom, then eating food at the college canteen, next in the classroom, back into the cab, in the room. I was living a numb sort of existence. I knew something needed to change but I had no clue where to begin.

2016 – Enter Treks 

The fun begins

While I was staying in a hostel I met my hostel senior Kiran, who randomly one night asked me after dinner if I was interested in joining her on a trek. My autopilot reaction was like Yesss!

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Trekking showed me a way to shut the incessant chatter in my head

In short found trekking made me live in the moment, tripping on stones shook me awake. That I so desperately strived for. I trekked for 5 hours climbing 3 plateaus to reach it. This was just the start of my mindfulness. 

In my next post, I’ll go more in-depth taking more the serious actions I took to become more mindful. Hint it involves sitting.

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