The Power of Adventure

There will be a prequel for the post to give you context. So here goes! What adventures means to me

It means being free from distraction ( phone)
Living mindfully and engaged in the work I do
Its about walking around in a state of mindfulness, being in the moment, a flow like sense
Its about being myself
Its about giving back to people
Its about living life like today is my last day
Its stepping outside my comfort zone
Its about the variety every single day presents a new challenge and I’m ready to take it
Its about living in the moment
Its about connecting to people listening to how they live their lives, how we all live such different lives
Its a sense of belongingness that I am accepted just as I am
I’m my authentic self, no makeup, no hair done, just me showing up for work in the clothes I love and boots
Its about creating and discussing new ideas to help grow something
Its about challenging myself everyday ( trekkers, teaching schools)
Its about setting a goal and working towards it ( roopkund)
Its about connecting with people ( meena ji, devu, Deepu)
Its about observing my surroundings
Its about movement ( walking, trekking)
Its about eating cause you love life and you love the people giving you food
Its about sitting at random chai shops and smiling at people and feeling gratitude
Its about making a difference to people’s lives
Its about you doing your best
Its about getting comfortable being uncomfortable
Its being ready to face challenges everyday and embracing uncertainty which makes me feel confident in myself
It makes me feel proud
I feel free

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