How  I found my core values

Hello you

I’m so happy you are here, just ‘trying’ to figure out this thing called core values most people talk about but none of them really have any no idea about it. So before we go ahead, wuhuuuuu, welcome to the journey buddy. This is an unbelievably enriching journey you have just embarked on.

A little context setting

When I came across the buzzword called ‘core values’ I was already on a journey. So it came at the right point. But as you read it you’ll soon find it out it wasn’t a linear path. Now I know you may have many questions about the why’s, when’s & how’s should I find my core values?

All I can say at this point is hold your horses. Take a cliched deep breath and let those thoughts go! Genuinely I wish someone told me this when I began my journey. It might get overwhelming at times, but I would say, ‘sit in the discomfort’ because truly it’s a gamechanger only if you allow it to be. I hope my journey serves as a guide or as inspiration to help find your core values.

Enter Pandemic: Hello Sydney 

The seed to the question as to why I must think about core values started when I started working out during the pandemic with Sydney Cummings, an ex-division one athlete in the US that started an online company called Royal Change, a fitness channel on youtube to make fitness accessible to everyone regardless of their income, occupation and space.

Sydney is known for her positive attitude, her resilience and her energy! She’s truly something. Sydney is a highly motivating and inspiring person. She ends her workout videos with an inspiring cooldown talk that usually focuses on the importance of becoming a stronger you, that we are in control of our decisions, consistency beats fads, and the importance of sleep, hydration, mental well-being, and recovery. 

In one of her talks, she mentioned the significance of having core values in your life. She said it acts like a guide to you in life. That’s when I made a mental note that is something I wanted to do. But procrastination my ex-old bestie was hanging out nearby and convinced me the only way to find my core values was if I had everything sorted and write it neatly. How wrong could I have been? Procastionate plus one, Payal – zero.

Enter – Simon Sinek 

Months went by. I finally got into action a couple of months later when I came across the book, ‘Find your why’ by Simon Sinek. It is a book that practically guides you to start your journey. It had one request talk to a friend to share your highs and lows so they can give you inputs you didn’t realise you had. I called up an old trekker friend and shared my moments with her. The question revolved around the family background, school, education, work, the highest point in your life and the lowest and what are learning. I shared it by nothing ever came out of it.

Bonjour Laurie Santos

Then I heard a podcast by Dr Laurie Santos, on ‘The Happiness Lab’ which you can find it on Spotify or any other streaming service out there. The podcast interviews almost everyone from different professions and what makes them stand out. Most of them she realised had core values. That’s when I decided to look more into her work. So glad I did because I found a mountain of happiness researching about her.

That’s when I stumbled on her popular course on Coursera called the ‘Science of Well-Being.’ She observed her Yale students’ mental health deteriorating despite being in the most happening, elite colleges and she wanted to understand why and how they could improve their own happiness. That was exactly the point when I took that decision a couple of months ago take action to restore my own mental well-being.

Now I know there’s a saying that goes, the more times it gets repeated, it becomes the truth. 

I felt like most of my social media icons be it from Spotify, or Youtube started falling into place. I started googling and asking myself questions that are when I asked the question about what makes me happy.

Adventure came up! The adventure was something I unknowingly stepped up to the plate even though I knew I wasn’t ready but I knew i had it in me to get myself prepared.

Now durian gmy time off working on myself, I started different practices to see if it actually works. We have all read about the benefits of exercising, meditation, journaling, writing about things you’re grateful for, doing things that make you happy, going for a walk, sleeping on time, eat well. I mean I said, it works, I have nothing to lose.

Just like Tim Ferris thinks of himself as a human guinea pig in the sense that he likes to see if he can practice it and if he can then so can you adn I. I like to think of myself like this as well. I love putting what I read into action. It’s ike there’s an itch or feels something is missing. 

As you can see there’s truly no one path to find anything.

Made by Me on Canva

A quick breakdown of the picture.

First was Sydney who planted the seed,

Then it was Simon’s book, ‘Find your Why’

Third, it was Tasha Eurich’s book called Insight that spoke about the need for values,

Another book is called Grit by Angela Duckworth loved about the importance of values

Another podcast with brene brown & guess wh Simon, and guess what they are besties who have met only once in their lives.

Finally doing a Masterclass with Hilary Clinton when she spoke about the importance of having a life philosophy. And that’s when I realised that had statement that spoke to me was “Resilence’ Thats’ when I realised I already did have a mission statement for my life. And so the adventure began.

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