My experience with ‘Griping’

‘Griping‘is the fancy way of saying ‘Complaining’ as I have recently learned from Dr Laurie Santos’s podcast called the Happiness Lab. Griping means

‘the action or fact of complaining in a persistent, irritating way.’


The podcast takes you through the science behind griping, but my major takeaway from it was how it provides you temporary relief but no reals solution to take action. And that’s what I dislike most, not taking action. 

Griping & I go way back

But for the sake of staying on track let’s just rewind to 2019. I still vividly remember standing in the kitchen with my roommate and cutting vegetables when I noticed us mindlessly griping. It was something involuntary that I had no control over, I found that weird. So I asked her if we could talk about something else and the next 5 minutes were spent in silence. That was the first mindful experience of griping I remember. 

Fast forward to Griping in 2022

Some things never change. I got a new job same but the old griping aunt in me came alive again. Over the 2 years from my previous job I have grown considerably, even though I sometimes gripe, other times I wonder why I do it just to be part of the conversation, I do have actionable ways to deal with it.

What I have observed is I must try new ways to deal with griping, cause I also get bored. Another thing I have caught is that the people around you also tend to influence and impact your mood. I love experimenting and finding new ways to deal with the challenges I am facing. The new challenge I am facing is being more productive with my time and lessening the listening of gripers around me.

Now onto the good part

I did what I do best, and took matters into my own hands and it’s always led me to the best outcomes. Coincidentally or not, that’s for you guys to tell but I have signed up for a couple of newsletters, Anyhoo that day when I made a decision I wanted to bring more joy in my life, I got two new emails talking about the importance of intentional joy and how to manage your free time.  Stayed tuned for my solutions.

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