Explore ‘Mini Series’

I love to write about things that inspire me, ignite me, fuel with energy! As James Clear bestselling author of ‘Atomic Habits’ says

“Anything is interesting if you go deep enough.”


That’s exactly what did when I created these in series.

Lets talk fitness

My latest series is on lesser spoken about aspects about fitness such as making it a lifestyle, the importance of mindset, setting goals that can help us stay on track and so much more.

Digital well being

My second series is on the yo-yoing tendencies I had with social media. I decided I didn’t want to be the slave to it instead, I wanted to learn how to deal with it effectively. My friend and I take you on our journey through, giving you an insight into what we learnt along the way. It’s packed with funny anecdotes interspersed with nerdy stuff which I love.