The Importance of Dreaming Big

When I was younger I sincerely believed in this quote,” If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. “

So when I had recently attended a National Geographic Talk in Bandra on evening after college, I wondered what stopped me from dreaming big?

As I recounted my journey I realised for a while now my dreams haven’t scared me which is worrisome. As a kid, I was a daydreamer and still am, but through my first year in college, I became more practical.

Today’s topic was Travel Hacks with Neha Dara, the Deputy Editor and Host of Nat Geo in conversation with travel writer Rishad Saam Mehta, digital geek Vahishta Mistry, and lover of the great outdoors Dipti Jhangiani

Urban Gardening by Dipti:

Dipti spoke about how she loved practising urban gardening which is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town, or city. She was the kind of traveller that would travel with her purple trolley. She spoke about not undermining a traveller by calling them a tourist if they have a trolley. She wholeheartedly embraced the life of a traveller rocking her own ways of backpacking.

Rishad Mehta: Small life-saving secrets

Then Rishad Mehta was just hilarious, though he doesn’t look it. He gave us the best travels hacks. For instance, we all face the problem of excess baggage. The best way to deal with is, “both people check-in separately.” He talked immensely about “how various websites you visit frequently for flight fare, the cookies get registered hence should do all this in an incognito mood.” Because once you log in to your friend’s laptop, the price is bumped up in yours.

Vahishta: The importance of being yourself

Then Vahishta talked about how it is okay to be stupid, “I mean tourists have are stereotyped stupid, might as well act it. “He told us that once he was asked where Chowpatty when he was asked where was marine drive. Also, he couldn’t put enough emphasis on how you should approach a stranger and ask them this simple question, “What should be the one thing I should do? More than the answer, you’re trying to strike a bond with them, which may lead you to crash on their couch, free meals.” Another time he told us he was a new york and had time to kill so he entered a bar with his backpack and struck a conversation with the bartender and later got free shots and drinks and made new friends.

The stories I heard were wild

From hiking and swimming in the various seas to zipping through countries. Getting mugged in England to making friends with the locals in Tunisia. 

To Antarctica or deciding to hire a bike in Iceland. Another thought of going till the Everest base camp on his bike to another who spoke about how she lost her credit card in Rio. 

People Dreamt Big

After the entire session is over, the floor is open to Q&A. People in the audience we’re speaking up about their recent journeys and some of them dreamt so big, I nearly thought it was impossible. People who have backpacked for 15 days, rode bikes not to Leh, Ladakh, Manali but the Parvati valley and to names I haven’t even heard.

All the answers varied. All the people in that room dreamt so big.

I was so proud of them and yet unknowingly I asked myself this question, “When was the last time I dreamt of something that scared me? But dismissed the fact because I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve it?”


“There are plenty of obstacles in your path don’t allow yourself to become one of them “

– Ralph Marston

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