This Trek Lead’s Speech Inspired me

One of the treks leads gave a beautiful speech.

He started off saying, “I  was 24 years old and this was is my first job, all my life I had one goal and that was to join the army, but as you see that didn’t work out. One day, out of the blue my friend tells me about Indiahikes vacancy in Trek Leaders, I  applied and I got in.”

dsc_0732 (2)
The point of this story was, It’s okay to be unemployed and sit at home because once you find what you love nothing else matters. He loves people and one of the reasons why he joined the army was to travel and meet people. And that’s exactly what he got but in a different situation.
That really inspired me and got me thinking about my case. This technically is my first job even though it’s a fellowship. This was what I did in Summer After Graduation.
What I loved hearing the most over there was how everyone applied for their fellowship and hadn’t told anyone about it. Once they got a confirmation they got in they told a couple of good friends. Just how I did it.


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