The Digital Web We All Live In

We all live in the digital age, where we spend most of our time on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. We follow accounts that shows us memes, hilarious of course, but ones that maybe damaging to one’s own self. Usually the ‘Relatable memes’ of our generation come down to three things being drunk, fat or depressed. And of course, at one or more point in life, we have all been able to ‘relate’ to it. So yeah.

I mean the amount of people we follow, the post we come across, the adverts that tell you which university they think we ‘must pursue’ your Masters or Graduation makes this harder for anyone to develop critical or even independent thinking skills, which boils down to questioning all ones life decisions.

After my graduation, I went on to go pursue something that made me ‘feel’ something. The combination of the city and my own self damaging behavior made numb & of course ( Instagram had nothing to do with this). All I wanted was some peace from the world, make a difference mainly in a mountain.

That’s exactly what I did for four months. I worked on sustainable waste management for the mountain ecosystem and my life, well it was made.

Days, weeks, even months flew by, I lost track of time. For once,time didn’t matter, since work as well as fun happened throughout the week. While in the city weekends was all I waited for, to go out and ‘feel’ something, which basically usually led to hangovers.

Instead I like few others of this generation took a bold step to unfollow the rat race of the best college, how our bodies must look, the over-do peppy accounts of success and start to live according to our own standards.

Life after that has been pretty boring, but you get used to it, and you go on realizing your mood improves, which is the best gift you can give yourself now.

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