How I spent my Independence day in August 2018?

View from Meena Ji’s and Balu Da’s House

Neha my co-fellow and I, began this glorious day by missing the flag hoisting in Inter college, one of my schools in Wan the last village with a road, 14 km away from Lohajung, known for popular treks such as Roopkund and Brahmtal in Uttarakhand. Intercollege is a 15-20 minute trek for city people like us, and for the locals less than 10 minutes. It includes a steep hike, and couple of weird staircases to climb.

Fun Fact : We walked to Inter college thrice that day!

Once we caught our breath, we sat down to listen to speeches prepared by the Teachers, Headmasters about the heroic freedom fighters and ending with powerful slogans. Once that was done, we decided to sit in the market, when we bumped into Laura, (Catalonia fellow) Sharda,( A local from around Lohajung) Gopal Ji ( local trek guide working along Indiahikes) and Balu Da Ji ( Indiahikes driver) who had come back from three days scouting trek for potential places to pitch tents for the next season of Roopkund.

View of Daddi Ji’s House

We went back to Balu Da’s house to eat lunch. The weather was gloomy, dark clouds looming above, when Gopal ji decided to share his experience on Roopkund.

Meet Jyoti and Shristi

Balu Da Ji, with his never ending enthusiastic josh told me I had to give a speech on what work we do at Green Trail at intercollege, this evening! I was a bit hesitant at first to take up the opportunity, however it was definitely too good an opportunity to pass up, since half the village would be present.

There must have been around 100 parents, along with teachers and students there. I picked up the mic, took a step forward, and smiled at the crowd. I looked down to see laura, on her knees taking a video of me. Neha and Sharda stood next to a wall, while the locals roared and clapped for me. I made it a pretty interactive speech, all in Hindi, of course! What I learnt was I could deliver my sarcasm in Hindi as well.

This ever so perfect night ended with Dadda Ji (Balu’s Da Dad), Neha and I at his place making roti’s and Sharda,Meena Ji (Balu’s Da’s Wife, Gopal Ji, Laura and Balu Da Ji himself and his three kids in the other house making the dal and sabzi. It began pouring heavily we thought we would end up eating only roti for dinner. We were soon reunited by an umbrella, and a harty laugh over everything and nothing.


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